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Shaikh Isa House, Muharraq Sheikh Isa House Residence of the former ruler of Bahrain, Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa. His house is today a cultural center and museum. Arad Fort, Muharraq Arad Fort Situated on the island of Muharraq, the Fort was built in the 17th century and was used by the Omanis during their short occupation of Bahrain in 1800. It is overlooking the waterways giving access to Bahrain. Traditional Houses, Muharraq Traditional Bahrain Houses Muharraq was Bahrain's capital in the 19th century and still has much of the charm of an old-world Arab city. Discover Shaikh Ebrahim Centre for Culture and Research, the House of Press Heritage, Kurar House, the Mohammed bin Faris House for traditional music and the oldest souq of Bahrain, more than 100 years old. Bahrain National Museum Bahrain National Museum The largest and oldest museum in Bahrain. Come to the National Museum to learn all about Bahrain's 6,000 year's of civilization. Al Fateh Mosque. Discover Islam. Bahrain. Al Fateh Mosque One of the world's largest mosques, Al Fateh accommodates 7,000 worshipers. Atop the mosque is the world's largest fiberglass dome. Bahrain German International Services (BGIS) logo. BGIS Offices BGIS' offices are located in the heart of Manama. Stop by and say hi to Mohammed and Birgit when your in town. Bab Al Bahrain. The gateway to Bahrain. Bab Al Bahrain Bab Al Bahrain, or the Gatway to Bahrain, marks the entrance to the old town. Designed by Charles Belgrave, Bab al Bahrain was one at water's edge. Bahrain Fort. Bahrain Fort The Bahrain Fort is an archaeological site dating back to 2300 BC. The site was the capital of Bahrain during the Dilmun era. Saar excavation, 4000 years of history. Saar Excavation The Saar Excavation is an archaeological site dating back 4,000 years to the Tylos period of Bahrain's history. Khamis Mosque Bahrain Khamis Mosque The first mosque in Bahrain and one of the oldest in the region, Al Khamis is believed to have been built in 692 AD and restored in the 11th century. The King Fahd Causeway to Saudi Arabia. King Fahd Causeway The King Fahd Causeway is a 25 kilometer link between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Close to 50,000 passengers cross the bridge every day. Come ride camels in Bahrain! Camel Farm The Camel farm in Janabiya is a very informal place. Come pet the calfs, take a ride or pose for a photo. Entry is free. Jasra Handicraft Center Jasra Handicrafts A center displaying different traditional handicrafts such as cloth weaving, pottery, wooden chests, dhow models, jewelry, paper produced from palm leaves, embroidered and crocheted goods and many more. You can visit the workshops and buy genuine souvenirs. 4000 year old burial mounds from the ancient Dilmun culture. Burial Mounds Hundreds of tombs dating back to the Bronze Age giving testament to Bahrain's rich and long history. Bahrain International Circuit. The home of motorsports in the Middle East. Bahrain International Circuit The home of motorsports in the Middle East. The Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) is the region's first Formula 1 Grand Prix race track. The Tree of Life Tree of Life One of the world's mysteries, the Tree of Life, is a 400 year old mesquite tree which lives in the middle of the desert without any visible source of water. The first oil well in Bahrain. The First Oil Well As its name suggests, the Arabian Gulf's first oil well is located in Bahrain. Oil first spurted from this well on October 16, 1931.

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